World Cafe and Conference Center

The Café and Conference Center is accessible by both direct elevator service and 2 stair towers. The Café is furnished with tables and chairs to provide a "cyber environment" with wireless internet service, vending machines and large screen television.  The Cafe functions as the staging area for the catered events as well as the social area for meeting friends and the game area. The Conference Center is designed in a theater arrangement containing a large screen TV and stage.  During events these two areas are combined to accommodate up to 180 people.

Utilizing the Café and Conference Center, The INNternationale program sponsors at least two weekly in-house event for residents, and at least one weekly catered event for the broader university community, some of which will be sponsored by the various colleges and departments of the university.  Events include orientation, socials with international foods and themes, lectures, music, theater, large screen movies, catered dinners, televised sports, history and discovery channels, art exhibitions and other opportunities that the residents may provide for the interaction and exchange among faculty, students, and the university community, all with a global theme.  The International Scholarship Foundation, formed by Independent Holdings to offer scholarships to International and American students, will participate in, and will help to sponsor, various programs of this sort, and may use these spaces for meetings, fund raising, and other events related to the program.

When open to the general university population, the Café and Conference Center functions as a location in which students from the United States meet with students and faculty from all over the world.  Students that are not residents of the program have opportunities, on an invitational basis, to exercise their foreign language skills, participate in programs with international students designed to share experiences, and gain cultural insight into the global community.  Access however will be limited to those approved by the resident director or invited by a guest of the residence.

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