Spoken Languages Program

The INNternationale will sponsor a residence program whereby students of all nations may choose a roommate from various countries that have also applied for this exchange. In most cases two students will be paired for common language interest. Interested students in this wonderful opportunity will use The INN's registration e-mail system, on this Web site, as a sounding board in finding other appropriate cross cultural communication residents interested in sharing life during their educational experience at the University of Delaware.

The incentive within this shared living experience will accentuate the proficiency of language tremendously. It is the intent of this program to develop strong relationships based on language. The perfect match for this shared experience will be one that creates a life long personal bond while intensely developing important language skills and promoting global understanding through personal connections that are needed to succeed in the World community.

The INNternationale, with its multiple lounges, conference center and café offers many perfect and comfortable locations for conversations involving cross language experience. It is the intent of this facility to develop a system of retired professors and business professionals that are interested in developing skills inherent in the foreign residents while offering the desired skills required from those residents. A chance to learn or improve his/her conversational English, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese as well as many other languages, at any age or level of language ability.


The World Café, especially, creates a wonderful cyber Café environment that will be a great place to meet people from other countries and for the international students to learn about American culture, grammar, pronunciation, listening skills, vocabulary expansion, idioms and the art of conversation. Meeting in the Cafe each morning will be a wonderful way to start the morning with conversation.

Application for shared rooming will be included with room reservation which should be made well in advance of your arrival at the INNternationale such that an appropriate roommate may be found within the students searching. As an assistance, we ask that the Resident Director be informed as soon as possible as to your language needs and interests such that we may search as well within the University of Delaware departments that will sponsor such students. The INNternationale Conference Center will host many catered, cultural and geo-political programs, movies and art venues as a nexus to promote your experience at The INNternationale. 

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