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(Required to read prior to submitting resident application)

Prohibited Items and Actions

  • The burning of candles and incense
  • Tampering with or misusing fire safety equipment
  • Being on the roof or the construction section of the residential facility
  • Hanging items on sprinkler heads or piping
  • Storage or use of flammable/combustible materials, liquids or gases (including gas grills) within the building.
  • Storing of bicycles in any stair case or Hall, they must be locked up in the back parking lot. No bicycles will be kept inside. 

Actions and items concerning Electrical Safety:

  • Halogen lamps are prohibited.
  • Plain extension cords are prohibited. Only multi-plug power strips with internal circuit breakers are approved. Computers must be plugged into appropriately rated surge protectors. Never unplug the computer modems.
  • Possessing and/or using prohibited electrical appliances such as toaster ovens, immersion heaters, hot plates an out door grills in the room is prohibited.

Actions and items concerning Fire Safety:

  • Smoking in any room or lounge is prohibited. Smoking in courtyard allowed until 9:00 unless any window or door is open in the near vicinity of the window.  Smoking anywhere in the building will trip the fire alarm.
  • Cooking requires your presence at all times, never leave the kitchen when cooking.

Items concerning Furnishings, Room Usage and facility:

  • Moving furniture from assigned areas to other areas of the building is prohibited.
  • The use of nails, screws, hooks, hercules hooks, etc. to hang any pictures, poster, or any fixture that would damage walls is prohibited.
  • Damaging walls or ceilings by attaching shelves and/or curtain rods is prohibited and may result in damage billing
  • If under 21 years of age, possessing empty alcoholic beverage container(s) is prohibited. This may be viewed as evidence of possession or consumption of alcohol and referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs.
  • Leaving room trash in hallways, stairwells, bathrooms or other public areas is prohibited. Trash must be placed in outside containers in parking lot
  • Playing athletic games such as floor hockey, Frisbee, football, etc. or using athletic equipment such as skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades or spikes inside the house are prohibited.
  • Opening windows: This facility should be perfectly balanced as to heat and air. If you have a problem with the temperature please contact management, especially if you live on the first floor.  Open windows may invite nite time intruders.
  • All residents using the various kitchens will clean the dishes, pots, pans, stove top and countertop surfaces after eating their meal.  Residents determined to cook without cleaning afterwards will be charged a cleaning fee of up to $36.00 per violation.
  • TURN OFF ALL OF YOUR LIGHTS: Turn off your lights whenever exiting your bathroom or bedroom..  This includes the café, game, laundry and public bathrooms.
  • Notify management if your room is too cold or too hot.
  • Shopping trip is provided every Saturday or Sunday, please sign up on board
  • Overnite guests:  must be registered with management.  Only single rooms are eligible for overnite guests and require permission by attached room if sharing a bathroom.
  • Parking: The handicape spot is for visitor parking and restricted to 15 minutes.  Any long term parking or parking over 15 minutes requires that the visitor or resident register with management and receive a parking permit. Long term Parking is limited to guests who have received a parking permit, notify the director as to costs.
  • Arbitration:  see rules and regs for the in house procedure for resolving any conflicts associated with the rules and regs.
  • BUS TRANSPORTATION TO MORNING CLASS:  this is provided by pickup in front of the inn at 7:40.  The bus will not wait so make sure you are outside the front door and ready to go.
  • LINENS: linens are supplied with rooms for the first 30 days accecpt when extensions are granted.  Linens can be leased for $10.00 per month. However all residents are required to clean there own linens.
  • TELEVISION:  Televisions are supplied within all accommodations.
  • RESIDENT BULLETIN BOARDS:  located on every floor – please note any problems on these boards so that we can take care of them immediately.  If an emergency, contact one of the advisors, coordinator or the director immediately.
  • CLEANING SCHEDULE: the building is cleaned 2 times per week.  Please notify the floor advisor if anyone is not cleaning up after theirselves.  Residents are required to clean their own bathrooms, bedrooms and their appliances located in each room.  In the case of a shared bathroom, each resident must agree on a cleaning procedure or pay housekeeping $10.00 per week to clean.
  • PRIVATE PARTIES: Any gathering of more than 6 non residents or 14 residents require an advisor to be notified.

Misuse of Keys/Access Cards

The room key and building access card a resident receives at check-in is for his/her own use exclusively.  Giving or loaning your key and/or access card to others is prohibited.

Damaged/Lost Cards: Residents who damage, lose or misplace their access card must notify the Hall Advisors,coordinator or Director immediately and obtain a new card. Their original card will be deactivated immediately. The new card will become the resident's permanent card and the charge will be $30.00

Noise/Quiet Hours and Courtesy Hours

Quiet Hours are designated to support an environment that is conducive to learning. While Quiet Hours are in effect, no one should hear your noise in another room or study area.

The quiet hours for the current semester will be 10:00 or as posted.  Loud music that could affect your neighbor can be very distracting.  The café or game room is a wonderful, sound proof area for louder gatherings.  Please consult your neighbor about your noise level so that management does not have to be involved.  As a neighbor you must respect his desire for peace and quiet.

During final exam periods including Reading Day 24 hour Quiet Hours are in effect.

All kitchens except the Café are prohibited to cooking and gatherings after 9:00pm.  There are adjoining rooms that will be disturbed by late nite usage.  Always clean dishes, pots and counter tops after usage.  Residents will use the Café Kitchen after 9:00 for cooking or gatherings.

Safety in the Residence Halls

The house is equipped with a variety of security and fire safety devices that make this building a relatively safe place to live. By making the following safety and security procedures part of their daily routine, our residents improve the safety of their building and the entire University campus.

  • Never lend your key, ID card or Access Card to anyone.
  • Lock the door to your room when you leave or are sleeping. Nearly all reported burglaries of residence hall rooms involve unlocked doors.
  • Guests or deliveries must be met at the front door. Always escort your guests at all times.
  • Don't allow strangers to enter the building with you. If an unauthorized person pushes past you or follows you in the door, immediately inform the Hall Advisor, Director or Coordinator or the police (911).
  • If you see an unfamiliar face in your residence hall, ask for identification and information about their business.
  • Immediately report all lost or stolen keys and access cards to the Hall Director/Ass. Director

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURES:  You must register when arriving and review andsign the appropriate orientation materials: Check in is after 2:00 p.m.  and10:00 a.m.  Departure involves an inspection of the room for cleanliness such that the deposit may be returned. departure by



If the above rules are broken, with disrespect to the other residents of the INN, a fine up to $200.00 may be charged on that residents credit card. The INN has tried very hard to create a wonderful living situation for all, and so these rules define the situation that creates respect for all residents, leaving nothing to interpretation.  Multiply violations may result in termination of the residenct’s contract.

All residents are asked to call any of the following telephone numbers to report a violation.

   Advisors:  See floor advisor boards for Room and Telephone numbers of each advisor.

   Coordinator:  Fratern Tarimo – 302-824-3601 (room 108)

   Director/Owner:  Randy Becker -  302 – 377-8846 (leave message if not available)


I have read the above statement and entire contract and agree to all the requirements that are stated And further,by submitting the application on line at www.TheINNternationale, or by occupying a residence at the INN, I have agreed to all items within.

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